Open Tenders

Closed Tenders

1. Maintenance of Roads of MSEZ for a period of 6 years
2. Operation & maintenance of Bajal STP along with all connected wet wells, transmission mains and valves - Contract Package No: MSEZL/STP BAJAL/O&M/2016-17.
  • Tender date is extended.
3. Operation & Maintenance of Kavoor STP along with all connected Wet Wells, Transmission Mains & Valves including Construction of road, compound wall, plantation, painting and repair works at Kavoor STP - Contract Package No: MSEZL/STP KAVOOR/O&M/2016-17.
  • Tender date is extended.
4. Invitation for Bid - Operation & Maintenance of Kavoor STP - Contract Package No: SEZL/MSTPL/STP KAVOOR/O&M/2017-18.
  • Tender Date is extended.
5. RFP Rock disposal - Crushing and Disposal of Excavated Rock from Mangalore SEZ - Contract Package No: MSEZL/ROCK DISPOSAL/2017-18.
  • Tender date is extended.
6. Invitation for Bid - Operation & Maintenance of Clear Water Infrastructure, Fire Water Pump house, TTP Water Infrastructure & Marine Outfall System - Contract Package No: MSEZL/CW-FW-TTPW-MO/O&M/17-18.
  • Tender date is extended.
7. Invitation for Bid -  Construction of road (resurfacing with concrete layers), plantation, street lighting, painting and other miscellaneous repair works at Kavoor STP & wet wells - Contract Package No: MSEZL/MSTPL/STP-KAVOOR/Civil Works/17-18.
  • Tender date is extended.
8. Invitation for Bid - Maintenance of Roads of MSEZ and other allied works - Contract Package No: MSEZL/Maintenance/Roads/2017-18.
9. Invitation for Bids - Providing and Laying HDPE Raw Water Pipeline from MSEZ Raw Water Transmission System to Industrial Plots at Thokur - Contract Package No: MSEZL/Raw Water Pipeline/Thokur/17-18.
10. Invitation for Bids - Operation and Maintenance of Common Effluent Treatment Plant and Marine Outfall System of MSEZ - Contract Package No: MSEZL/CETP & MO/O&M/18-19.
  • Tender date is extended.
11. Invitation for Bids - Replacement of existing Ultra Filtration membranes with new membranes of capacity 5MGD at MSEZ Tertiary Treatment Plant - Contract Package No: MSEZL/TTP-Membrane Replacement/2018-19.
  • Tender date is extended.

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